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Prefabricated Container Dormitory

Prefabricated Container Dormitory is developed and produced based on ISO shipping containers. But shipping container is expensive, transportation cost is expensive, and labor cost for reconstruction is also very expensive. So our Prefabricated Container Dormitory came into being.

For large real estate construction companies, large engineering contracting companies (Like roads, bridges, tunnels, etc.), mining resources mining companies, pipeline engineering companies, natural energy mining companies, government projects (Like temporary schools, shelter), and other outdoor large dormitories,

Our Prefabricated Container Dormitory is very suitable for these areas, and we can provide you a turnkey solution.

What's The Difference Between Anteng  Containers And Other Suppliers'?

Wall Panel System:

we send are 50mm thick rock wool material with heat and thermal insulation, the double plate is 0.4mm thickness, which is enough strong.

Floor System:

There are 4 pcs 2.5mm thickness floor beams, the floor purlin are equipped square tubes with 80*80 and 40*80 two sizes, because we know there are many workers are in. so to make the floor stable, we add the small purlin in 6m directions. Above it, we change the MGO board to an 18mm thickness cement board, it can withstand the longtime harsh environment, such as the toilet and shower room. For the floor leather, we use 1.6mm thickness in the living room, for the toilet and shower room, we will add waterproof felt and aluminum plate on the floorboard to make sure it's waterproof.

Roof System:

For the prefab dormitory, except the double-slope roof, our house roof also has waterproof and heat insulation, there is a total 4 layers in it, the top tile, the glass wool, roof purlin, and ceiling, beside the roof beam, there are 4 water gutters and downpipes to collect rain.



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