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Temporary Accommodation

Technical Specifications

Steel Structure: 2.3mm Bending Steel Structure

Wall Panel: 50mm Rock Wool Sandwich Panel With Double 0.4mm PPGI Steel Plate.Insulation thickness: 50mm,75mm or 100mm.

Roof: 0.4mm Ceiling + 75mm Glass Wool Insulation + 0.5mm Galvanized Steel Plate

Flooring: 0.5mm Galvanized Steel Plate + Steel Structure + 18mm MGO Bord+ PVC Floor.

Door: Steel Security Door With Security Lock

Window: PVC Steel Sliding Window

Lighting and Electrical Equipment are included.

Wind Resistance: Wind Speed V < 32.7m/s

Loading Capacitvy: 10 Units Standard In One 40 HQ Shipping Container

Features of Temporary Accommodation

Flexibility: Temporary accommodation can be quickly set up and dismantled to adapt to different needs and environments. This makes them very convenient for quick deployments or temporary events.

Mobility: Many temporary accommodation facilities are mobile, which means they can be moved anytime and anywhere, adapting to the needs of different locations.

Comfort: Although temporary, many temporary accommodation facilities provide basic comforts such as beds, light, ventilation, and basic living facilities.

Security: Temporary accommodation is usually designed to be secure to provide the safety and protection of the occupants. For example, container accommodation adopts a steel structure frame and light wall enclosure, and is equipped with drainage and electrical systems. This design allows the container house to adapt to different environments and resist various climates and severe weather conditions, thereby providing a safe living environment for the occupants.

Customizability: Temporary accommodation can be customized according to needs. Depending on the occasion and budget, different types of temporary accommodation can be selected, such as: container accommodation, mobile homes, etc.

Whether you are using temporary accommodation for a large event, a temporary workplace or an emergency, they can provide a convenient, comfortable and reliable place to live.

Temporary accommodation options for construction site

Whether building tall buildings or doing roadworks, construction workers need a comfortable, safe place to rest and recover.

Modular building systems are an ideal option for creating temporary accommodation on construction sites. Using such a system can provide workers with comfortable facilities and a practical living space. It is convenient for them to live nearby, reducing their commuting time and costs.

Modular buildings are quick to install, construction sites can be set up quickly, and they can be easily moved or reconfigured as needed. Thanks to their weather resistance and strong metal construction, these buildings excel in harsh weather conditions, making them the perfect choice for construction site accommodation.



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