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Low Cost Prefab Houses

The Low-Cost Prefab House is of steel and wood structure. Its characteristics are: it can be disassembled and assembled at will, it is convenient to transport, and it is convenient to move. The mobile house is suitable for being located on mountain slopes, hills, grasslands, deserts and rivers. It does not take up space and can be built ranging from 15-160 square meters. The mobile room is hygienic and clean, and the indoor facilities are complete. The mobile room has strong stability and durability, and has a beautiful appearance. Designed according to customer requirements, exquisite and elegant, most of the structure of the mobile room is completed in the factory.

It is suitable for all kinds of Construction Sites Office, Prefab Dormitories for migrant workers. It can also be used for flat-top adding floors, various warehouses, etc.

For the cement mobile room, the load-bearing system of this product is steel structure, which is safe and reliable. The wall adopts double-layer steel mesh, light-weight thermal insulation material and high-grade cement prefabricated composite board, and the mechanism is used for heat preservation, heat insulation, light weight, high strength, and top surface. The cement tile, the outer wall are painted with colored water, the inner wall is decorated with high-quality plastic pattern wallpaper, and the interior is decorated with aluminum alloy keel gypsum board ceiling, beautiful and novel, transportation and installation, convenient and fast, steel windows, steel doors, glass, locks, Completely furnished.



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